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May 25

ECHO Spring

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May 25

ECHO Post Ride Show #1

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Apr 22

You Think You Know Somebody…

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Mar 30

The Bluff Brothers

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 in Ride Reports

D$ and I rode a grueling 8.75 units at the Bluffs this weekend. It’s like Hurd Park… but better. I took a pretty rough spill in the trench pictured above. D$ has confirmed his interest in acquiring a new fork so keep an eye out for Barack’s new front end in the coming weeks! I also found that my rear wheel isn’t tweaked… my skewer was just completely loose.

Mar 28

Group Ride: ECHO, BSS & WHORE

Posted on Sunday, March 28, 2010 in Group Rides

Buck with Apex

GPS Route

Gathering Riders Gathering Riders Gathering Riders Post Ride Beers & Burgers Stunt Money, Hyde & Buck Buck Trying to Sell Worthless Shit to Stuntmonkey

Ride details to follow.

Mar 6

Oh Glorious Day!

Posted on Saturday, March 6, 2010 in Group Rides

March 6th, 2010: a great start to ECHO’s 2010 cycling season. At Buck’s suggestion the crew ripped up Day Pond. The rolling roster included:

  • Thommy (“The Masterpiece”) – Riding on fat 2.4 Mountain Kings & sporting brand new silver Thomson front & rear
  • Conrad “Peterbuilt” Peters – Hucker extraordinaire; always ready & steady
  • Hyde – Master builder and Connecticut rolling legend
  • Buck (“Rick”, “The Pinkest Rose”) – The mustached mountain masochist returns in dominant fashion
  • J-Mac – Winter training paid off double; faster & more determined than ever
  • Von Klausberg – Triple A confidence rated climber with an intense focus on skinnies, hucks & rolls for 2010

Post ride beer provided by the Giles Corey Brewing Co.:

  • Batch #25: Raspberry Muscle Milk Stout
  • Batch #27: Coming of Age Pale Ale
  • Batch #24: Honey Golden Rye

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